7 décembre 2010

Whuffie in a magic night

I just received a mail from my best friend Pikilias. He delivers this message with enthousiasm and hopeful words. I can't resist and share with you an abstract.

 "A week ago I didn't new anything about Whuffie. I ask myself, is it like an uncommunicative sect dealing with doggy food ? I was not convinced yet.
My friend Geeknaute gave me more information. She asked me to subscribe to an exclusive meeting with Tara Hunt in Paris on 6th december.
Despite that I missed the subscription, a friend of her, Rodolphe offered me the chance to join the Whuffie night.
Luc, Evelyne and Sophie confirmed the invitation [They should received whuffies too].
I was so happy to get it. There I founded such an amazing place which reminded me my parents sewing studio.
Tara illuminated the meeting, she answered all the question and sign so many books. Rodolphe, Luc and two other people translated her book. Rodolphe embodies the whuffie so much, I wish the same for his newborn son Alaric.
Unfortunately my whuffie card did not allowed me to buy the book tonight hoping for Tara Hunt and Rodolphe signs, Geeknaute did :-)
Anyway, tonight I received a way more than a sign : the whuffie itself. Thank you Geeknaute, Maïté, Stéphanie and Pierre : we have shared such a great evening !
On the way back home, I took 5 whuffies out from the tram conductor (I took 30 already this morning from the RATP network, do they still have whuffie?).
I gave 10 whuffies to the firemen I met back home. I just feel happy tonight and full of love.

Hey guys, I just forgot to show you the Doctorow whuffie box Sophie offered to me! Santa Clauss yop !!!!"
( if you look above)

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